The Christopher Dean Band

Blues and Soul from Central NJ

The Christopher Dean Band is a national touring blues/soul band based out of the Central New Jersey area, working up and down the east coast year round.

Christopher Dean fronts the group, playing guitar and singing lead vocals. Christopher has been playing professionally for the past 16 years having been taught by his older brother and bass player, David, when he was 16. Since graduating high school in 1992, Christopher has studied various styles of guitar ranging from Delta, Chicago and Texas blues to jazz, folk, country, r&b and pop. Having toured worldwide and recording two albums with Big Jack Johnson and The Oilers, including “All The Way Back” in 1997, and “Roots Stew” in 2000, he then recorded his first solo release in 2000, “Dogged n’ Driven”. Taking his new band and show on the road soon afterward, Christopher has continually toured the east coast for the past 10 years.The band released a new CD in 2003 , “Three Times A Fool”. It has been well received by blues programs and blues societies on the east coast.It was re released on “Deep South Sound,.Johnny Rawls’ label in 05.

Bassist David Foti, who has also toured worldwide with Big Jack Johnson, has been the solid, ever-present core of the rhythm section since the band’s inception. As of Sept 2006 Chip Dixon will be the bands primary drummer covering all of its northeast work.Chip is a solid r&b /soul drummer who has played and toured with The Black Widow Band and Magic Red.Chip brings a solid r&b feel along with warm vocals.

The band is booking 2014.Their new cd “What I Need”, Chicago Carls ,Lost World Music ,is getting great reviews and plenty of airplay.The Band continues to perform 180 shows /year and has played The Kennedy Center (05-10),BB Kings Blues Club(NYC)as well as many other prestigious venues around the country.Check out our Electronic Press Kit for Music,Video and follow one of the link .son this site to be connected to our facebook and twitter info. *NEW CD RELEASE APRIL 1 2014/Call me Later .We are booking up 2014.Email or Call for booking or 732 322-3425

Christopher Dean

Guitar & Lead Vocals

After working with his own three piece blues band for a couple of years, Christopher joined Big Jack Johnson and the Oilers in 1997, a world famous international act. For nearly four years, Christopher would travel worldwide, opening up the sets and playing rhythm guitar for Big Jack, on some of the world’s most respected blues festivals and stages, in some of the hottest blues venues.

Chip Dixon

Drums & Backup Vocals

A veteran of soul and r&b ,Chip has been playing drums since he was 14.Chip is located out of Somerset,NJ and started filling in with The Christopher Dean Band in2003.Comes from a musical family.Has two brothers who are also accomplished musicaians.One playes drums in Ga and the other a sax man ,who has tour with Alecia Keys and others.A blues/soul/funk and r&b player,he adds to the direction The Christopher Dean Band is going in.

David Foti

Bass & Backup Vocals

David Foti plays bass in the band and has played with Christopher since the band’s inception in 2000. David has also toured worldwide with Big Jack, playing bass and guitar.

Vel Johnson

Sax / Percussion / Vocals

Vel Johnson is a vet of the south Jersey soul/rock n roll scene since the 70s.He came up with the best of them. Bruce Springsteen use to open up for his bands.Vel has alot of soul and can play a variety of instruments. Hes our newest member as of 2012.